Partnerships Programme

Our Automated Fund Management Algos has been designed for professional traders, fund managers and investment firms that have the authority to manage funds on behalf of their clients. It’s never been easier to manage multiple accounts with our state-of-the-art portal including notifications, analysis, reporting, and more.

Whether you are a trading educator, signal provider, marketer, or provide some other value-add to traders, we have a solution for you. Our introducing broker program is our most straightforward type of partnership. There are no upfront fees, no complicated integrations, and you can join in minutes.

Customized Product Development for your Strategy

We don't only provide customized Algo development. Rather we also help Portfolio Managers, Fund Managers, Brokers, Sub-Brokers & Strategists to make their Business Model LIVE for Reselling or Subscription-based Algo Software of their Customer/followers.

ANGEL’S play a pivotal role in acting as a bridge between all the best-in-class components of Algo Trading including Charting, Data, Platforms, Brokers, Systems and strategies.

Multi Account Management System for Partners

A Multi Account Managing Algo integrates into your trading platform that allows money managers to place orders in bulk, in an unlimited number of accounts. The process is fast, efficient and can be executed from one trading terminal.

Why Us

Trust is the key ingredient to long term relationships, and within the Angel’s Virtual World Partnership portal our affiliates/associates are following up their performance in real-time with our custom designed dashboard as per the needs & requirements of every associate partner. Partners can access our market leading partnership portal to manage incoming leads of their area, review the performance, and convert their potential clients. Make life easier by having in-depth insights about your activity which is accessible from any device.

With this partnership programme we provide lucrative and rewarding business opportunities for all of our partners, allowing them to participate and compete in some of the most intriguing financial markets, while continuing to live in their home environment.
Our aim is to constantly innovate and improve all aspects of our business, capitalising on the expertise of our experienced team of industry leaders

  • Start your business with zero investment. No upfront investment or capital required to become a partner.
  • Earn from the comfort of your home & create fortune for your generations.
  • Company will provide you leads through a smart online marketing tool.
  • You can create awareness by financially educating people you come across.
  • You can get upto 20% of revenue on every client payment.
  • We send payments to your bank account without needing any follow up.
  • You earn on all new subscriptions and recurring renewals as well.

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